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Partners and Customers
What we do


Solution design is an important process to understand a business in a holistic manner and create a technical roadmap for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


We have an experienced and certified team specializing in assisting you in setting up scalable and user-friendly Salesforce implementations that meet your needs.


At Itaros, we have extensive experience and expertise within the Salesforce ecosystem, making us the perfect partner to help you optimize your existing Salesforce implementation.

Why Itaros?
At Itaros, we are like a family, which means we care deeply about each other. However, this mindset extends beyond the company and also applies to our relationships with customers and partners.

Regardless of the project we may be involved in, we see it as a shared and enriching journey that should be positive and enjoyable.
Content and guides to help you grow
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What is Salesforce Einstein?
Discover how Salesforce Einstein makes your organization smarter in sales, marketing, service, and IT.
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