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Our Services within Salesforce
Itaros uses a holistic approach to understand your needs, enabling us to deliver maximum value to your users. Our team consists of Salesforce experts with diverse backgrounds, including experience from some of the world's largest consulting firms and self-taught developers.
Our main goal is to deliver high-quality solutions within the agreed timeframe and budget. We take pride in building long-term relationships with our customers, where we not only meet but exceed their expectations.


Every customer has unique business processes and IT landscapes.

Solution design helps us understand the existing setup holistically and provide you with a technical roadmap for CRM. This roadmap will include a comprehensive project plan with a detailed breakdown of how to move from where you are today to where you want to be.


A centralized solution for all your needs in Sales, Service, Experience, and Marketing Cloud.

Our experienced and certified team assists you in creating scalable, sustainable, and user-friendly Salesforce implementations that meet your needs. Our robust delivery philosophy helps you achieve quick results and return on your investments. Together, we ensure the delivery of a platform that can be maintained by internal teams once the project is completed.

Our Services


Has your business evolved since implementing Salesforce?

We can help you optimize your existing Salesforce implementation. We have expertise in performance optimization, implementing new processes, optimizing Salesforce licenses, modifying existing integrations and triggers, migrating existing automations from workflows and process builders to Flows, and more.


Salesforce is a platform that is constantly evolving, and the same is likely true for your organization.

With a platform that is constantly evolving, your organization should also keep up with the changes. If you need ongoing Salesforce support and guidance, our dedicated consultants are here to assist you. Whether it's troubleshooting, addressing production issues, training your administrators or power users, we are here to help you.

Data migration

Data migration should not be underestimated and can be one of the most challenging projects; it is crucial to follow best practices.

We can help you migrate data from various systems and formats to your Salesforce instance. With the aid of tools and processes, the data will be cleansed and structured to avoid duplication. The platform can also be set up to regularly fetch fresh data according to your desired frequency.

AI / Bots

Curious about how AI can streamline your organization?

We identify use cases for AI/Bots that can help you stay close to your customers. Your digital presence should function like a machine in the background while still maintaining a human touch on the surface. By leveraging the right processes and equipping your digital workforce with AI capabilities, you can free up time to focus on what truly matters.


We have significant expertise in setting up integrations with both Salesforce systems and other systems.

We will be able to assist you in integrating various transactional data with Salesforce. We can push and retrieve data down to the field level to empower your teams with the latest insights.

Chat GPT

Unlock the power of Chat GPT and utilize it directly within Salesforce.

You can now harness the power of AI to enhance your case management capabilities. Gain continuous access to the most accurate knowledge database on any subject, making every conversation more personal and rewarding. All this while enjoying enterprise-level security that covers your entire team.

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